Buenavista Pleasures!
By Jojie Alcantara
MOST renowned as a first class, private island resort, one can reach Buenavista Island (locally Ligid Island) by boat thru Ana Marina Resort's pier from across Samal Island…


Sports Unlimited on Buenavista Island
By Dyan Castillejo-Garcia
Davao continues to surprise us. Davao can now make your tropical fantasies come true. Imagine this, having your own private island. Welcome to the island, Buenavista!…

3 Picturesque Dive Sites in Davao
Ligid’s underwater sea life is what divers’ dreams are made of…there’s a beach resort out there named thus, “Buenavista,” and the beauty of the resort has taken to mean the beauty of the island itself…


Davao lures Sports Unlimited
By Jojie Alcantara
Recently, Sports Unlimited hosts Marc Nelson and dynamic sisters Dyan and Jackie Castillejo visited Davao… During the last day, it was rest and recreation at the serene Buenavista Island off Samal waters …


Buenavista Island Resort
Davao's version of Amanpulo is a four hectare first class white sand private resort called Buenavista island.  A tropical getaway for those who prefers to separate themselves from the crowd.   


Your Island For A Day
By Jojie Alcantara
What would you do if you own an island to yourself for just a day? Answer: do as little or as much as you please. Several years back, when Island Buenavista Resort was simply called Small Ligid (because a Big Ligid isle is not far away), the Ayala family of Davao regularly retreat to this private hideaway...


Top 10 Things To See and Do in Davao City


Davao City “Land of Exotic Beauty & Rich Cultures”


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